Battle Of Mino
Mino no Kuni Gassen
circa 1850
Utagawa Yoshitora

Following the death of Saitō Yoshitatsu in 1561, his illegitimate son, Saitō Tatsuoki, succeeded him, but owing to youth and inexperience, Tatsuoki made the clan vulnerable to attack from Oda Nobunaga based in the neighboring province of Owari. 

To exploit this opportunity, Nobunaga began an invasion of the central portion of Mino Province.  With the support of Kajita forces from Mino, the Oda succeeded in subduing the Saitō and driving Tatsuoki out of the province.  It was Hideyoshi Toyotomi , a vassal of Nobunaga Oda, who played an active role from here

On the far left of this battle ukiyo-e is Nobunaga Oda, who wrote “Oda Dansho Harunaga”. At the head of the army, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who is riding a brown horse with a long spear as a weapon and fighting vigorously, is written as “Saruyoshiro Nakaura”.

On the other hand, the enemy general riding a white horse on the far right is “Hineno Hironari” written as “Hineno Bicchu Mamoru”. Hironari Hineno was a chief retainer of the Saito family, and was a famous military commander who served the three generations of Dosan Saito, Yoshitatsu Saito, and Tatsuoki Saito. As you can see from this picture, he defeated Nobunaga Oda’s army many times.

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